Team Builders

At WinSport, our purpose is to inspire and activate human potential through the spirit of sport. Take part in one of our recreational team builders to have a fun and memorable experience as a group or come and enhance your team through development experiences with our partner, MGI. Feel inspired, have fun and elevate your team to their full potential.

Having fun with your team

Ice Luge

Group Size: 12+ people
Time Required: 1 hour/20 people
Price: $25/person
Operating Months: August - February

Located within WinSport’s Markin MacPhail Centre, the Ice House is the only indoor facility of its kind in North America. Teams will have the opportunity to luge down the push track just like the Olympic athletes that train at this facility. The motion sensing timers will clock each person’s slide time in a race to be the fastest competitor.

Human Curling

Group Size: 20+ people
Time Required: 1 hour/20 people
Price: $30/person
Operating Months: Year Round

This is a fun group activity where curling rocks are replaced with people! Faceoff circles on the hockey ice are used as the button in curling. Participants take a running start and jump onto an inflated tube to slide as close as they can to the button. The skill lies in how fast you think you need to run in order to get closest to the centre ring.

Based on ice arena availability

Slingshot Bowling

Group Size: 20+ people
Time Required: 1 hour/20 people
Price: $35/person
Operating Months: Year Round

An ice-based activity where our team will use a human slingshot to propel participants sitting on a tube towards giant foam bowling pins. The key is to use your arms and feet to knock down as many foam pins as you can. Groups can participate in teams or as singles.

Based on ice arena availability

Mini Golf

Group Size: 12+ people
Time Required: 1 hour
Price: $8.99/person
Operating Months: May - October

Enjoy a round or two on our professional designed outdoor 18-hole course which features a picturesque view of the Rocky Mountains. Every hole offers varying banking, lengths and elevation to put your putting skills to the test.


Group Size: 12+ people
Time Required: 1 hour/20 people
Price: $55.99/person
Operating Months: May - October

Our zipline course consists of three lines and will get your adrenaline pumping as you soar through the air and experience spectacular views of Calgary. North America’s fastest Zipline at 120km/hr starts at Calgary’s highest vantage point, the ski jump tower. Experience a zipline that is 500 metres long with a vertical drop of more than 100 metres.

Summer Bobsleigh

Group Size: 12+ people
Time Required: 30 minutes/12 people
Price: $59.99/person
Operating Months: May - October

Take three of your friends along with a professional pilot down the bobsleigh track that was used in the 1988 Winter Olympic Games. You will experience 10 turns hitting speeds of 80+ km/hr while feeling the force of over 2 G’s.

Skyline Luge

Group Size: 20+ people
Time Required: 20 minutes/ride
Price: $12/1 ride, $20/3 rides, $30/5 rides
Operating Months: May - October

Skyline Luge is a unique wheeled gravity ride that provides riders full control over their descent on a purpose-built track. Experience 1.8 kilometres (5,905 feet) of twists and turns dropping more than 100 metres (328 feet) in its course. It’s the world’s longest luge track yet! Reservation recommended.

Adrenaline Combos

Group Size: 12+ people
Operating Months: May - October

Adrenaline combos allow you to make the most of your experience at WinSport. Our combos save you money compared to purchasing each activity separately.

Available Combos

• Bobsleigh & Zipline - $99.99
• Bobsleigh & Skyline Luge - $84.99
• Zipline & Skyline Luge - $84.99
• Bobsleigh & Free Fall - $79.99
• Zipline & Free Fall - $79.99
• Bobsleigh, Zipline & Skyline Luge - $115.99
• Bobsleigh, Zipline, Skyline Luge & Free Fall - $129.99

Reservation required. 2017 pricing.

Canada's Sports Hall of Fame Scavenger Hunt

Group Size: 20-200 people
Time Required: 30 minutes
Price: $200/group
Operating Months: Year Round

Heighten your experience at the Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame with a fun and informative scavenger hunt throughout the museum!

This is a great add-on for a fun competitive team builder and can be tailored to your event’s theme or messaging.

Free Fall

Group Size: 12+ people
Price: $15.99/1 drop, $25.99/2 drops
Operating Months: May - October

Experience our latest adrenalin-filled adventure – Free Fall! We’ll take you up to our new eight-storey platform where we’ll fit you in a bungee-type harness. Jump off the platform and you’ll feel the sensation that’s the closest thing you can get to skydiving as you free fall eight metres before coming to a slow decent to the ground.

Winter Bobsleigh

Group Size: 12+ people
Time Required: 30 minutes/12 people
Operating Months: November - March

Welcome to the fastest sport on ice. Our expert pilot will slide you through 10 turns hitting speeds of 100+ km/hr and you will feel the force of up to 4 G’s.

Acura Tube Park

Group Size: Unlimited
Time Required: 2 hours - 3 hours (depending on the group size)
Price: Coming Soon
Operating Months: November - March

The Acura Tube Park is the largest of its kind in Western Canada! Calgary’s only tube park features 9 lanes, many close to 200 metres in length. The park is located on the main hill which allows tubers to take advantage of the washrooms, eateries, retail store and other amenities located in the Frank King Day Lodge.

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Group Size: Min. 12, Max 30
Time Required: 1.5 hours
Price: $29.99/person
Operating Months: Year Round

WinSport is excited to introduce COR.FIT to complement our existing fitness-based offerings. COR.FIT is a 6,250 sq ft facility comprised of obstacles that have appeared on American Ninja Warrior, Spartan/Beast races and many other Canadian and international obstacle events. We offer a variety of obstacle classes, group and personal training sessions, private bookings and more. Our trainers cater to all group levels and abilities.

Private Hill Bookings

Operating Hours: 6:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m. Saturdays and Sundays
Operating Months: November - March

Enjoy the most WinSport has to offer on snow and get the ultimate experience for your guests by booking our entire ski/snowboard hill.

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Building a stronger team

WinSport has partnered with MGI to help take your team enhancement and professional development to the next level. MGI can complement your fun team activities on site with leadership training and development to make your team stronger. If you’re looking for the ultimate destination and resource in team building practices, WinSport and MGI can help deliver memorable experiences.

What MGI can offer:

Leadership Development - Facilitative leadership workshop to explore your personal authentic style and approach in working with a team to solve problems, maximize performance and get results.

Enhancing Team Performances - Provided as a 1-4 day team workshop. We bring teams together by working toward common goals and addressing team challenges through team building and facilitative leadership.

Building a Culture of Engagement - We help leaders build a business culture where employees are valued, engaged, empowered and have the desire to be part of a growing company.

Transitioning Change – Building trust throughout the journey of change. Communicating and coaching can lead people through the process of change to embrace the new beginning.

Sports Team Development - Tailored team approach to enhance performance, trust and communication during the game and after.

And much more.

MGI prides itself in servicing WinSport clients training and program interested with the most impactful tools, experiences and processes. We continue to identify and design programs to meet you unique training goals and desired outcomes. Call or email today and we’ll help find a program that fits your needs.

Ryan Matishak 780-919-4784

Rick Matishak 780-619-5325

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Thank you for supporting WinSport and helping us deliver our purpose “To inspire and activate human potential through the spirit of sport.”